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Getting Started

Faculty, instructors, and staff

As of March 14, all faculty, teaching assistants, and staff have licensed Zoom accounts. You do not need to request an account. Simply click on "Sign in" above.


Your instructor may require you to login and authenticate with your Ryerson credentials to join the meeting room. Doing so requires a Ryerson Zoom account. Click on "Sign In" to create a Ryerson Zoom account, and then sign in to the Zoom desktop or mobile application using the Single Sign On (SSO) option. For instructions, please read the Continuity of Learning Guide.


For any questions, please email us at avhelp@ryerson.ca using your Ryerson email address.

Trouble joining a meeting? We recommend you sign in to your Zoom desktop or mobile application with Single Sign On (SSO).


Ryerson has conducted a privacy impact assessment and security assessment on Zoom. Please review the recommendations from the assessments: Privacy and Zoom